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I am more than satisfied with their handyman services. They are always professional and get the home repairs done right. I would gladly recommend them to friends.

  • Tess K.

I used Fulham Handyman to get a few odd jobs completed. All work was done to a high standard. It was a very professional service.

  • Angela A.

I've never experienced handyman service like those provided by Fulham Handyman. It was an exceptional service throughout.

  • F. Wildman

The past weekend was the weekend for home maintenance and repairs in our home, and all the family members took part in it. There was a lot of hustle and bustle, but everything was accomplished within a few days, thanks to the handymen from Handyman Company Fulham. I hired them to help with some repairs on the porch, the garage and the loft. They knew where to start from and the best way to do everything. It would have taken me another week if I had tried to do it all by myself.

  • Albert Sager

I had professional help with my grouting and it was such a good decision. I'd chosen FulhamHandyman because of their experience, but their low prices and friendly teams were an added bonus which was much appreciated. I'm so happy with the results - thanks so much!

  • Carla J.

I greatly value the expertise of Handyman Company Fulham when it comes to office maintenance. I want everything in perfect working order, and these are the guys that manage to keep it that way. They are always accurate, never delay the job and always work to the greatest efficiency, which makes their services a success!

  • Graham T.

Fulham Handyman offers one of the best property refreshing services around here. On a recent assignment they completely transformed our office. It is so much more vibrant and lively to work there now. Excellent job by a team of skilled workmen. Highly recommended for their skills, knowledge and excellence at work.

  • G. Harris

Have been left very impressed by Handyman Company Fulham. We hired their electrical services and would definitely recommend them to everyone else. Good, fair pricing and a high standard of work.

  • Pauline Oates

I don't regret hiring Handyman Company Fulham and I'm positive you won't either! With their high-quality services and experts they made quick work of my carpentry jobs and needs. I even managed to save money with the service too!

  • Katie Banks

I called in a handyman to help with a few things in my home and never regretted it. He did a terrific job fixing a couple of things and installing a new tap. Fulham Home Maintenance were who sent him, so I recommend that you give them a call.

  • James Steel

I've had a few dealings with electricians in the past, and none of them have been great. Unfortunately, I was in a position where I desperately needed help with the electrical at home. I called Fulham Handyman and they've completed redeemed the profession in my eyes. Their electricians were fast, precise and more importantly they kept me 100% informed of everything they were doing and also everything that had gone wrong in the first place. I'm now fully up and running again and I can't thank them enough for all their help. They will definitely be my first call in the future.

  • Sam Mizen

As a teacher I was always busy but there were a lot of small repairs that needed doing in my home. So during a break from work I hired Fulham Handyman Service to sort a leaking tap, stain the fence panels in the garden and unblock the guttering. The handyman was a lovely chap and worked nonstop dealing with these and a few more odd jobs and soon got everything fixed.

  • Jill McLaughlin

I got some furniture delivered to my house the other week and what a surprise! I didn't realise there was going to be assembly required. I didn't want to wait to make use of my furniture so I called Handyman Company Fulham and hired their same day handyman service. The low price definitely made it worthwhile and hey presto! Within a couple of hours my furniture was all put together and in the place I wanted it to be in. Definitely worth booking their services!

  • Rita H.

I always recommend Fulham Handyman if I am asked if I know of a great handyman. I've used them several times over the years both at home and in my office building too. I have no complaints with their services at all and definitely none about their prices!

  • Debbie L.